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Safety report vs. Reality

Posted on 2009.05.05 at 13:04

What the safety report said: An injured raccoon was reported to DPS after it acted aggressively toward people.  DPS was advised by maintenance not to interfere with the animal and cleared the area.

What I saw with my own eyes: 4 officers surrounding a section with several large bushes that are clumped together.  One has a flashlight, one has a pole with a wire hoop on the end to catch the animal.
Officer with flashlight: "THERE IT IS!!"
All other officers start running around the bushes to try to surround the animal (so not successful)
Officer with flashlight: "I lost it, I don't know where it is"
All other officers put there heads down and sort of creep around the bushes trying to look for the animal...
The same thing occurred several times over the course of the 10 minutes or so that I was waiting for the bus... at least I wan't bored waiting for the bus!


A funny one and a sad one

Posted on 2009.04.15 at 09:19

Campus Grounds: An officer investigated a report of people "dancing around something on the ground."  Officers discovered a couple walking their dog.

Parking Structure: An officer took a report of a hit and run that occurred at an unknown time.  A note had been left on the damaged vehicle stating "I'm sorry I hit your car.  I do not have any way of paying for the damage.  Please forgive me.  God bless you. [Signed] Good/bad woman"

Elphie and Fiyero

The Rat Pack Live at the Sands

Posted on 2009.04.10 at 09:03
I was clearly meant to have lived in the 1950's and 1960's... I should have been Doris Day, because seriously I love that music, and the style and the humor.  I know in my head the reality the time period really isn't like in the movies, but I don't believe it in my heart- in my heart if I had lived then I would have always worn pretty dresses and had great hair and sung and danced everywhere I went.  That's all I really want.  Sigh.

Anyway, last night we did see The Rat Pack Live at the Sands, and man, could those three guys plan Frank, Dean, and Sammy.  It was so spot on, you forgot it wasn't really those three.  The drinking, the smoking, the racial jokes (oh my GOSH could those three tell the best racial jokes ever and totally get away with it because they were in their own way a civil rights movement!), the sex jokes, and oh yeah, that damn fine music.  I am pretty sure the median age of the crowd was about 70 (the men in front of us who were talking to us before the show were 70 and 71 respectively), so even my mom at 52 was pretty young for this crowd, and I was pretty much a baby, but I'm not sure anyone enjoyed that more than me :)  I could have sat there for ever and ever enjoying the entertainment, some of the best entertainment I've seen.  It might be an old movie type weekend for me...

Two weeks from last night we will be going to see Grease, which is also exciting.  I've haven't watched the movie in so long, but I've seen it hundreds of times.  When we were kids and the video rental store was up town Gaston I swear we went at least once a month and rented Grease.  I listened to the soundtrack this morning as I was busy doing things around lab and just had a blast playing the movie in my head, seeing the people in their costumes and the great dancing.  I haven't ever seen a live production of Grease (strange, but true), so I'll be interested to see how they play certain parts... see, my life really should just be a musical.

Posted on 2009.03.29 at 20:47

I've been busy with things that have been fun but that have totally worn me out, so I am glad to be back to the world where I sleep in my own bed...

Weekends at home with no plans are pretty much the best thing ever, I could really use more of them in my life.  I have totally nerded out on Season 2 of SeaQuest today, since we finally cleared the DVR out and watched our Netflix movie.  I love TV shows from the early and mid 90's... the quality is really bad, but there are some great ones out there.  We just finished season 1 of the X-Files as well, from the same time period, ah, perfection.  Other than a lot of TV and movies, this weekend there was lots of bread making and general cooking... which always comes with a lot of kitchen cleaning, and there was a lot of cleaning in general.  Ah, how the most uninteresting times of my life are also the best. 

As I transition into April, the patterns of life will change once again, as baseball comes back to my everyday life.  I'm hoping to maintain a better schedule during this season than last... namely, to eat better and sleep more than I did last year during the season.  That may mean coming home and taking a nap before games, but hey, there's a lot to be said for an afternoon nap, I used to take them all the time in college! 

Did I mention that in SeaQuest all the guns fire green lasers?  Yeah, I'm totally nerding out.



Posted on 2009.03.13 at 08:23
I got other people to karaoke with me in my living room using OnDemand last night.  No longer a loser.


Soy un perdedor

Posted on 2009.02.27 at 07:25
It's true, I'm a loser, there's just no questions about it.  Proof?  Easy.  Last night, home alone, nothing on tv, not wanting to read, I go to OnDemand and find the karaoke section (I didn't know this even existed, just stumbled on it).  There I sit, Lay-Z-Boy chair, cat on lap (I don't even like cats, he's my sisters... but I could have just as easily been on the couch with one of my dogs if I lived somewhere else)... shouting out the lyrics to Beck's Loser.  I am a loser.  But hey, then I found the get up and dance section of OnDemand and I learned the first 20 counts of a bollywood dance... maybe I'll learn the next part tonight.  That still makes me a loser.


Another epic day for public safety

Posted on 2009.02.04 at 11:13
Officers investigated a report of a domestic disturbance in a vehicle after the reporting party heard "yelling".  Officers discovered a family singing church hymns,

Officers were dispatched to investigate an individual crawling down a  hallway.  Upon arrival, the officers discovered the individual had lost a screw from his glasses.


The perils of public safety

Posted on 2009.01.29 at 09:58
An officer was dispatched to investigate reports of a male and female arguing loudly inside a parked vehicle.  Officers discovered a couple publicly displaying affection in a vehicle matching the description.

An officer was dispatched to investigate a bad odor emanating from a garbage can.  The officer discovered a dead sturgeon in the can.

OHSU officers were dispatched to assist a man whose "arm was stuck in car."  The man's watch had become caught on controls under the seat and he was unable to free himself.  Officers undid the man's watch from the rear passenger area and freed him.

Ecuador Girl

I don't do tags, and I don't do notes

Posted on 2009.01.28 at 08:55

25 random things about me:


  1. I refuse to put this stuff on facebook- too many people who aren’t actually my friends are “friends” there.
  2. I wear ear buds at work to listen to a daily podcast and music, but I wear the right ear bud upside down in my ear.
  3. I won’t call it text speak because it’s really IM speak, and we invented it all when we were about 12 using AIM late at night to talk to friends… and I won’t use it anyway, because who cares about speed when you can be correct.
  4. I don’t own a car, I use public transportation, my own feet, and the occasional ride from a friend or family member to get around
  5. I sponsor 2 children through Compassion International, I aspire to one day sponsor a child from every continent where Compassions works.
  6. After 4 years of living in Michigan, I officially hate snow, it actually makes me angry to see it coming down. I try to hide the anger, because most other people seem to like it, but I occasionally lash out, ask my co-workers…
  7. I’m going to Vegas in March with my mom, sister, and friend
  8. I won’t ever have my own biological children because of my belief that a) the Earth is overpopulated and we as humans are consuming more resources than this place has to offer. We are the keepers of this planet, and we cannot keep it healthy the way we are going b) there are too many unwanted children in this world for me to justify that genetics is an important factor if I were ever to have children
  9. My favorite section of the newspaper is the FoodDay on Tuesdays… I generally try at least once recipe from each weeks section
  10. I am a semi-localvore
  11. I have to keep band-aides in my desk drawer at work because I cut myself so often.
  12. Years later, I still have Alias dreams on occasion, even when I haven’t thought about anything Alias related.
  13. It is my goal to see every movie that has won best picture at the Oscars, so far I’ve seen 45 of the 80 winners
  14. I can guarantee that the last of the best pictures winners I will see is the 2003 winner.
  15. There are three email addresses that I check incessantly while at work, but only 2 that I ever check at home.
  16. I’m addicted to spoilers, I always like to know what is going to happen before it actually does.
  17. Lefty pride and power
  18. I want to be Doris Day
  19. Someday I will do the bridal advocacy thing- although that has somehow turned into an entire wedding business involving many people that I currently know. Biggest obstacle? Money, what else.
  20. I collect smashed pennies from all around the country and globe.
  21. I go on vacation and don’t feel like coming back home… I could travel forever.
  22. I have a large collection of pens on my desk in my 2006 Dresden basket.
  23. I DVR PTI every day, but if I don’t have a chance to watch it day of I listen to the podcast the next morning.
  24. Currently, I am working my way through season 2 of Veronica Mars, checked out from the library… I love the library.
  25. Minor League Baseball is pretty much the best thing ever, entertaining, cheap, fun… there really isn’t much more I could ask for.


It's not the same, but...

Posted on 2009.01.15 at 09:53
Okay, so it isn't as good as the Hope Campus Safety Report, because that was the best thing ever, but there is now  the "Public Safety Blotter" here at work, which is not a comprehensive report of what public safety does on campus, but does have some good tidbits.  Once a week it will be updated, perhaps once a week I will get a chuckle and update the LJ so you can have a laugh too.  Here are the two entries from this week that I had a fun time with:

11:08: Officer contacted a physician using the trauma elevator system to go to the cafeteria

02:43: Officers were called to a report of children "running amok" in the waiting area.  Officers were unable to locate any disruptive children.

Oh, the important things that a public safety officer does in the course a day :)

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